BlackWhite Elektronika

11The Sri Lankan-German combo „BlackWhite Elektronika“ – that’s Ajith Fernandos and Moritz A. Since 2005 they’ve been producing electronic music, simultaneously starting to play their first gigs in smaller clubs in Southern Germany. Both of them started with classical music education. Playing the viola, drums and piano, they eventually found their way to electronic music. Composing music has always been an important part of their lives. In 2007 they got the chance to create their own event in the famous “Club Douala” in Ravensburg. Every month the musical duo hosts an electro party there, with mostly local DJs and friends. If you don’t see the two of them at the “Douala”, they’re probably busy doing another gig somewhere else. They already played all over Germany, in Austria and in Ibiza. Making music and working together with many different people is not only an important part of their personal lives, it’s essential in their careers, too. Their music has even been put in movies and commercials. „BlackWhite Elektronika“ will continue producing music, djing and organizing events – to share even more crazy and wild nights with the audience.

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